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Ivan Voroncov
They made for my company video quickly and professionally. Thanks guys it was cool

Our Biography and Experience

My name is Ramil, I studied at the St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts; I'm not a photographer, but I went to this institution for the sake of a creative profession. I took a photo in 2008, and since 2010 my hobby has turned into a favorite part-time job. The phrase "I bought a DSLR, I accept orders for filming" does not belong to me: the process of becoming a photographer was very gradual. I realized that this could become a major earnings, four years ago, when there were more of those who admired my photos. Decided to quit at that time the main job and began to develop his hobby and in parallel to sew wallets. The first customers came through a word of mouth. At first it was family photo shoots, later I began to focus on finding clients.

An important role was played by the fascination of my dad - he was also engaged in photography. When I was seven or nine years old, he took me to the famous Pushkinskaya, 10. Here I first saw a real photo studio and the process of working photographers.

Now I live and work in Moscow, I'm shooting in the Moscow region, St. Petersburg, the cities of Europe and the near abroad. I like to travel, therefore from me to not hear the answer "Too far". On the contrary, this is what makes my work more interesting, and the photos are more diverse. Wedding photography is one of my main and favorite directions. In my photos people live, love and rejoice! Each time this is a new experience for me and for people, and each client has an individual approach, taking into account all the nuances and wishes. Also I allocate time for shooting classical portraits, advertising, friends and relatives. I do everything possible to leave pleasant memories not only from photos, but also from the process of shooting and communication with me.

I am in demand due to the fact that I have my own style. In this style of shooting a few guys in Moscow. It is a mixture of reportage and production filming with the processing of the fin-art. Many photographers shoot only reports, for example with arthausky notes. Many, on the contrary, are engaged in purely staging, making as if film photographs with lots of details - flowers, shoes, veil. I have this all mixed up. I can do both, and everyone likes that staged photography turns out to be live. Pictures I easily get along with people.

I mostly work in tandem with my friend Aleksey, he is also present on the set.